New Garia To Airport Metro Route Construction Alters Road Transport In Chingrighata, Know In Details

Recent developments in Kolkata's bustling Chingrighata area have seen significant alterations in transportation routes, particularly due to ongoing construction work on the Orange Line metro project connecting the airport to New Garia. The latest phase of this project has commenced with the construction of pillars in Chingrighata, necessitating changes in bus routes. This construction, scheduled to continue until Monday, February 26, has prompted the Kolkata Police to announce alternative routes for vehicles navigating through the area.

Chingrighata, a perpetually busy hub in Kolkata, witnesses heavy traffic throughout the day, making it imperative to regulate movement during metro construction. Consequently, several bus routes have been redirected, with Kolkata Police proposing alternative routes for vehicles, including government and private buses.

According to sources from Rail Vikas Nigam Limited, the metro project connecting New Garia to the airport commenced over a year ago. However, delays have occurred primarily due to land acquisition issues, particularly near New Town and VIP Road. These setbacks have diminished the likelihood of project completion before January 2025.


Despite prolonged preparations, the commencement of passenger services on Kolkata Metro's Orange Line remains uncertain. Therefore, it is evident that the Orange Line will not be operational in the immediate future.

On the other hand, preparations for the maiden journey on this line from New Garia to Ruby are underway. The Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety has granted safety clearance, paving the way for commercial operations within three months of ticket sales initiation. Consequently, Metro Rail services are expected to commence promptly.

The ongoing adjustments in transportation routes underscore the intricate balance between infrastructure development and daily commuter needs in Kolkata's evolving landscape. As construction progresses, stakeholders remain hopeful for smoother, more efficient travel experiences in the near future.

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