Enhanced Security Measures By Kolkata Police Implemented Across Kolkata Ahead Of Republic Day

In anticipation of the 75th Republic Day, Kolkata has intensified security measures, particularly in the bustling Lalbazar area. The police have extended vigilance from crowded marketplaces to densely populated neighbourhoods, ensuring a heightened state of alertness.

Recently, two weeks ago, Kolkata Police received an email threat indicating a potential aerial attack on a busy day at the Indian Museum. Promptly responding, the police, along with the bomb squad, conducted thorough inspections at the Indian Museum. Despite no explosive devices being found, the incident prompted an extra layer of caution in Lalbazar ahead of Republic Day.

Each police station has been directed to increase surveillance, extending beyond shopping malls to include busy public spaces. The police are actively gathering information about recent hotel visitors and upcoming events to preemptively address any potential security concerns.

In the southern division of Kolkata Police, an official highlighted their continuous efforts, especially in hotels and guesthouses, to maintain heightened vigilance. The detective department has become more proactive, focusing on vital intersections in Lalbazar and strategically placing extra surveillance cameras, especially on Red Road.

Notably, Red Road, a significant area of interest during Republic Day celebrations, has seen additional security measures this year. Extra cameras have been installed, and over two thousand police personnel will be deployed to ensure safety. The entire Red Road area has been divided into multiple zones for effective management.

As the city gears up for Republic Day, additional security forces and officers in white uniforms will be visible on the streets, contributing to an overall increased sense of security. Kolkata Police remains dedicated to ensuring a safe and incident-free Republic Day celebration for all residents and visitors.

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