Director Palash Dey Is Preparing His Third Movie 'Ostad', Based On Rabindranath Tagore's life!

The name Rabindranath Tagore is synonymous with literature. Even though he is no longer with us, his presence lingers, firmly embedded in the hearts and minds of all. Now, this name is being interpreted anew through the creation of a film titled 'Ostad: A Journey with Rabi Indra Nath Thakur.' Director Palash Dey has embarked on the journey of portraying Rabindranath's multifaceted philosophy in this film.

Palash himself has woven the essence of the story and the artistry into the film. Alongside, Anjana Basu and Arora Film Corporation are shouldering the production responsibilities. The director has meticulously crafted the narrative, focusing on four central characters: Rabi, Indra, Nath, and Thakur, symbolising different aspects of Rabindranath's persona.

The story unfolds as Rabi strives to establish a school, Indra passionately writes poetry and songs, Nath converses with nature, and Thakur stands against the destruction of any "life force." Through these characters, director Palash aims to capture Rabindranath's philosophy.

Gambhira Bhattacharya, Ranjoy Bisnu, Shankar Debnath, and Debesh Roy Chowdhury portray the central characters in the film, bringing them to life on screen. Familiar characters like Mrinalini, Kadambini, Vishnu, Nandini, and Bhanusingha are also intertwined in the narrative, resonating with Rabindranath enthusiasts.


'Taranga' and 'Osukhwala' preceded this film, marking director Palash's third venture. Palash revealed that the desire to work on Rabindranath's life has been brewing within him for a long time. While several works have been produced in Bengali about Rabindranath's creations, a comprehensive exploration of his life philosophy is yet to be undertaken. Thus, the inspiration for this film was born.

Despite focusing on Rabindranath's life, the film doesn't portray him as a character. Rather, it highlights his teachings and philosophy through the central characters. The music is composed by Debojyoti Mishra, and Amar Dutta handles the cinematography. Palash Dey and Amar Dutta have also taken charge of editing.

The shooting for the film concluded last month, and now Director Palash and his team eagerly await its release, ready to share their cinematic creation with audiences worldwide.

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