The episode is scheduled to be filmed on Wednesday, the 21st of February

Bengal's Chief Minister is set to grace the set of the popular reality show "Didi No. 1". Mamata Banerjee, known for her political prowess, will not be alone in this venture; joining her will be Dona Ganguly, the wife of Sourav Ganguly, a renowned dancer.

According to sources, Mamata was extended a warm invitation by the show's director and actress, Rachana Banerjee, who recently shared screen space with the Chief Minister. Mamata graciously accepted the invitation, leading to the initiation of preparations for the shoot. The episode is scheduled to be filmed on Wednesday, the 21st of February.

Aside from Mamata and Donna, speculations are rife about the third contestant, with rumours suggesting it might be the seasoned vocalist Arundhati Holme Chowdhury. However, the identity of the fourth contestant remains undisclosed.


Adding more flair to the episode, renowned singers Aditi Munshi, Rupankar Bagchi, and Shibaji Chattopadhyay have been invited to serenade the contestants with their melodious tunes. The identity of the fourth singer remains a mystery, adding to the anticipation surrounding the episode.

"Didi No. 1" has been a platform where women from diverse backgrounds showcase their talents and engage in various challenges, reflecting the essence of Bengali culture, tradition, and artistry. Mamata's presence further elevates the show's status, and the audience eagerly awaits her participation.

The episode is expected to feature several rounds, each encompassing different aspects of Bengali culture. From singing traditional and modern Bengali songs to engaging in culinary challenges centred around Bengali cuisine, the contestants will be put through an entertaining and culturally enriching experience.

Security measures are being tightened at the Dumurjola Stadium in Howrah, where the shoot is scheduled to take place, ensuring a safe and secure environment for the Chief Minister's presence.

As Bengal eagerly anticipates Mamata Banerjee's appearance on "Didi No.1," the stage is set for an episode that promises to captivate audiences with its blend of talent, culture, and entertainment.

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