Tollywood Stars Raj Chakraborty And Subhashree Ganguly Introduce Their Second Bundle of Joy, Yaalini Chakraborty

In a heartwarming moment on November 30, 2023, South Kolkata witnessed the private celebration at a renowned private hospital, where actress Subhashree Gangopadhyay became a mother for the second time, giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. Proudly, the father is none other than the acclaimed director and filmmaker Raj Chakraborty.

This delightful news follows the couple's announcement of expecting their second child in June of the previous year. Subhashree, who continued working during her pregnancy, shared glimpses of her journey, even participating in the shooting of ‘Dance Bangla Dance.’


Expressing their happiness, Raj took to social media, posting, “Our home has been blessed with a sweet little bundle of love. We're extremely overjoyed! Seeking only love & blessings for our little princess.”

Shortly after sharing the joyous news, Subhashree revealed their daughter's name on Instagram: “Yaalini, welcome to our world.”

Their firstborn, a son named Yuvaan, had his sister's name beautifully intertwined with his, following the tradition of incorporating the goddess Saraswati's name, making her Yaalini.

Having tied the knot with director Raj Chakraborty in May 2018, Subhashree became a mother for the first time during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with the arrival of Yaalini, the couple radiates happiness and gratitude.

Throughout their journey, Raj and Subhashree have shared every special moment with their fans. Just as they embraced each precious moment with their elder son Yuvan, it is anticipated that they will continue to share the joys of parenthood with their newborn daughter, creating a narrative reminiscent of Bollywood's iconic parent-child relationships.

The Chakraborty family's well-wishers and fans flooded social media with congratulatory messages, eagerly awaiting glimpses of the adorable Yaalini and celebrating this new chapter in the couple's life.

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