Parambrata Chatterjee Set To Collaborate With Chiranjeet Chakraborty for the Second Season of 'Parnashavarir Shaap'

Acclaimed director and actor Parambrata Chatterjee, who recently made his web series debut with 'Parnashavarir Shaap,' is gearing up for the second season of the hit Bengali web series. The series was released on the Hoichoi platform on November 10. Its success has prompted the director to plan a sequel with none other than superstar Chiranjeet Chakraborty in the lead role.

Chatterjee, sharing his excitement about the series' success, revealed that he has conceptualised the second season and is thrilled to bring Chiranjeet Chakraborty back for another engaging performance. The web series, centered around the character portrayed by Nirendranath Bhaduri, unfolds a mythological horror tale and has captivated audiences with its unique storyline.

Apart from Actor Chiranjeet, the series boasts a stellar cast, including Surangana Banerjee, Gaurav Chakraborty, Anindita Bose, and Arnab Mukherjee. The narrative, penned by Souvik Chakraborty, revolves around the character of Neerendranath Bhaduri, delving into a mythological horror narrative that Parambrata Chatterjee brilliantly brought to life on the web series platform.

While Chatterjee had previously directed films, this marks his directorial debut in the web series domain. Chiranjeet Chakraborty, known for his illustrious career in mainstream cinema, also makes his web series debut with 'Parnashavarir Shaap.' The collaboration between the two has generated significant anticipation among viewers.

Director Parambrata Chatterjee expressed his eagerness to explore the story further, hinting at the possibility of multiple seasons. However, he remained tight-lipped about the shooting commencement date or the release date for the upcoming season. Chatterjee envisions extending the Bhaduri family saga into four or five seasons, adding depth to the engaging narrative.

Despite having directed films before, this web series marks Parambrata Chatterjee's first foray into the digital space. With Chiranjeet Chakraborty leading the cast alongside a talented ensemble, the series has successfully intrigued audiences. As fans eagerly await the subsequent seasons, the impact of everyone’s performance and the series' narrative depth are set to carve a lasting place in the hearts of viewers.

In addition to his role in the series, Chiranjeet recently appeared in the film 'Hemamalini,' alongside actors like Papiya Rao, Kanchana Maitra, Piyali Munsi, Bhaswar Chatterjee, Rituparna De, Sujoy Biswas, and Debolina Dutta. This diverse ensemble promises a cinematic experience that goes beyond the ordinary, reflecting the versatility of these acclaimed actors.

As the anticipation for the next season builds, viewers are poised to witness how 'Parnashavarir Shaap' secures its space in the realm of Bengali web series, guided by the directorial finesse of Parambrata Chatterjee and the stellar performances of the cast.

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