Tollywood Actress Monami Dazzles as Goddess 'Uma' in this Durga Puja Music Video!

Every year, the stars of the Tollywood industry find unique ways to celebrate Durga Puja, connecting with their adoring fans. Some portray Maa Durga in television series, while others create dance or music videos.

This year, Monami Ghosh, the beloved Tollywood actress, surprises her fans in this Durga Puja with a brand-new music video featuring Devi 'Uma,' bringing the festive spirit to life. The music video, titled "আইলো উমা বাড়িতে" (Ailo Uma Bari Te), marks a significant addition to the Bengali Durga Puja celebration.

Directed by Saikat Baruri, the same director who crafted Monami's previous hit music video, "Vitamin E," which garnered immense love on social media, this year's music video promises to be a visual treat.

In this music video, Monami Ghosh lends her voice to the soulful rendition by Antara Nandi. The music is composed by Mac Mallar, with lyrics by Akash Bhattacharya. Monami's portrayal as Devi 'Uma' in this video is truly captivating and adds depth to the Puja celebration.

Speaking about the project, Monami Ghosh shared, "Bengalis have an immense passion for Durga Puja, and this music video aims to capture all the emotions and excitement surrounding the festival. While the song and dances are integral parts of Pujo, the heart of this video lies in its storytelling. It revolves around a girl who represents the spirit of Durga Puja. I can confidently say that if girls like her are present at every corner, no one would ever miss out on the joy of the festivities."

It is reported that the music video is ready for release, with shooting, recording, and editing completed in record time. Fans eagerly anticipate that it will become one of this year's most cherished Durga Puja music videos.

Monami Ghosh has also hinted that the official release of this music video will soon be available on her YouTube channel, so fans can enjoy it whenever they want.

This Durga Puja, "আইলো উমা বাড়িতে," promises to be a delightful addition to the festive season, celebrating the spirit of Bengali culture.

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