Look who started to paint!

An exhibition on painting and photography collaboratively done by Parno Mitra, Ishani Dhar and Agniprava Nath on 15th March at the Abanindranath Gallery, ICCR. The event was graced by acclaimed painter Waseem Kapoor, director Raj Chakraborty and Padmanabha Dasgupta

The paintings which were done by actress Parno Mitra, who has been travelling across globe and capturing moments and the paintings that she has done reflects much flow of emotion and practicality. Undoubtedly, Parno crafted stories on her canvas. Her colours are her silent notes and when she pours them on her canvas she depicts her silence. Besides being a painter not everyone knows that Parna is a published poet and fond of literature. 


On the other hand, speaking about Ishita Dhar is an artist trained at Kala Bhavan, Shantiniketan. She paints nature the most. Her USP is she brings in human elements in her painting. Agniprava has been a lover of photography, his special inclination being Wildlife since last 8years.Currently Agniprava is also doing Cinematography and has his first feature released in OTT Hoichoi named “The Cabin Guard”.

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