Arijit Singh’s Emotional Moment in Nepal: Capturing a Glimpse of His Mother Amidst the Music

Arijit Singh, the maestro whose voice resonates in both Bengali and Hindi melodies, recently graced a concert in Kathmandu, Nepal, captivating the audience with his soulful tunes. Known for his deep connection with his fans, Arijit Singh’s every note seems to evoke emotions.

During this recent concert, a spontaneous and heartwarming moment unfolded. Amidst the rhythm of his songs and the electrifying atmosphere, Arijit Singh unexpectedly found himself holding a framed photograph. Upon a closer look, one could see tears welling up in his eyes. The photograph was none other than a picture of his late mother, a cherished memory he held close to his heart.


Initially, it seemed as though a fan had presented the photo for an autograph. However, when asked if it was for his signature, Arijit Singh, with a smile, questioned, “Is this for me?” He then affectionately held the picture against his chest, portraying a poignant connection with his departed mother.

In a touching gesture, Arijit Singh, after securing the precious photograph, continued to grace the stage with his exceptional talent, leaving the entire audience moved. This incident added a unique and emotional layer to the concert, making it a memorable experience for the people of Nepal.

The singer’s mother, Aditi Singh, passed away in 2021, leaving behind a musical legacy that began when Arijit Singh was just a child. Her influence on his musical journey was evident as he soaked in the joy of rediscovering her image in Nepal, a moment that connected him even more deeply with his art.

In many ways, Arijit Singh’s emotional encounter in Nepal showcased that, like his melodies, the spirit of his mother continues to live on within him.

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