Upcoming Bengali Movie ‘Manush’ Unveils Riveting Trailer: Jeet Fans Anticipate a Cinematic Symphony

In a captivating event at City Mall on Friday, the trailer for the upcoming film 'Manush,' starring Jeet and Susmita, was released, leaving fans eagerly anticipating its big screen debut on November 24. From posters to teasers and the recently launched first song, the film has already set the stage for a thrilling experience.

The 2-minute, 30-second trailer offers a glimpse into the gripping narrative of a father-daughter journey filled with emotion. Jeet showcases versatility in dual roles, alternating between a narcotics officer, Victor, feared by the underworld, and a loving father, Arjun, ready to go to any lengths to save his child.

Adding to the intrigue, the film introduces Jeetu as the underworld don and features Bangladeshi actress Bidya Sinha Saha Mim as a police officer. Susmita Chatterjee plays a pivotal role, portraying Jeet's beloved character. Directed by Sanjoy Samadder, 'Manush' promises a multi-star cast film filled with action, drama, and suspense.

Savvy and Aneek Dhar take charge of the music composition, enhancing the overall cinematic experience. Speaking about the film, director Sanjoy Samadder expressed his excitement, stating, "In the festive season, we bring a film that encompasses action, drama, thriller, and a multi-star cast. We hope it will resonate with the audience."

Susmita Chatterjee shared her enthusiasm, saying, "Feeling overwhelmed by the love from the audience. The character I portray represents love, dreams, affection, responsibility, strength, and vulnerability."

Jeetu Kamala, in a groundbreaking role, commented, "Playing a negative character for the first time feels like a symphony in the dark, where every note played is a skillful touch. Portraying a character in the shadows, I am thrilled to present myself to the audience."

The trailer has successfully created suspense, leaving Jeet's fans eagerly awaiting the film's release. With the teaser, posters, and now the trailer building anticipation, everyone is now counting down to the film's much-awaited premiere.

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