Prime Minister Modi Will Inaugurate Three New Metro Routes In Kolkata On March 6

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to visit Kolkata once again, this time on March 6, to inaugurate three new metro routes across the city. According to sources, on March 7, he will inaugurate metro services from Howrah Maidan to Esplanade, covering the stretch along the Ganges to Dharmatala.

In addition to this, two more metro projects are slated for inauguration. The first one will cover the stretch from Ruby to New Garia, while the second one will connect Taratala to Majherhat. This means Prime Minister Modi will be inaugurating key sections of the East-West Metro Corridor, including the elevated portion from Howrah Maidan to Esplanade, the Joka-Esplanade Metro Corridor's Taratala-Majherhat segment, and the New Garia-Airport Metro Corridor's New Garia-Ruby section.

All three routes are expected to be inaugurated on the same day, requiring thorough preparations. The anticipation is palpable among Kolkata residents, who have long dreamed of smoothly traversing the city via metro. With the imminent realisation of these projects, the prospect of crossing the Ganges and navigating through various parts of Kolkata by metro is becoming a reality.

Meanwhile, the announcement of metro services from New Garia to Ruby has sparked enthusiasm among commuters. The commencement of this metro route is expected to alleviate traffic congestion and enhance connectivity for many residents.

There are also speculations that Prime Minister Modi might personally inspect the metro line beneath the Ganges. However, the Kolkata Metro Railway authorities have not yet made any official comments regarding this matter.

The inauguration of these metro routes marks a significant step forward in Kolkata's transportation infrastructure, promising smoother commutes and improved connectivity for its residents. As the city eagerly awaits the inauguration day, the buzz surrounding these new metro routes continues to grow.

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