Newly Launched Federation for Rice Exporters in West Bengal Division Marks Significant Progress in Rice Trade

On Friday, October 13th, a conference was organised to discuss major issues facing rice exporters, millers, shipping line forwarders, and other stakeholders in the cultivation, trade, and export of rice from India.

It was held at the ITC Royal Bengal Prive Club in Kolkata. The conference was attended by Mr. K.L. Ganju, Consul General of Comoros; Dr. Prem Garg, National President, IREF; Mr. Sanjeev Ahuja, Director General, IREF; and Mr.Rajesh Paharia Jain, Treasurer, IREF.

The event started at 3:30 PM and ended at 6:00 PM.

All the guests were honoured with medals, flowers, and sashes.

During the conference, Agriculture Minister Sobhondeb Chattopadhyay delivered a speech and explained everything on this topic in detail. He said that the companies are fighting for their own good. They find their own problem and fight it out to get the solution to that problem. We all know that West Bengal is the largest rice producer. But many demand scented rice, like basmati rice.

After discussion during the conference, the Federation will take up the problems and issues in the field of rice with the government.

Dr. Prem Garg, Consulgeneral of Comoros, said, “This Federation is just less than three months old. They keep that in mind, right from the grower to the exporter. They made a chain by making everyone a member of the organisation. By doing so, the government will also listen to them. Many people are there. From farmers to exporters, brokers to mailers, companies, It’s a big change and should not be ignored. This federation will strive and will take an interest in participating.”


Owner of Pragati Rice, Sunil Kumar Agarwal, said, “The main mantra on this topic is that the exporters who are facing problems, we make them understand and try to solve the problem. If one goes to the government, they might not listen, so we made this federation. Today we launched in the West Bengal division. I am the secretary of this federation. I will work on how to make the federation strong.

He also talked about the problems faced by the people. Pragati will now stay connected with the federation.

The National President of IREF, KL Ganju, said, “Our main motto is to grow the business and bring change to our country, and we should connect with all exporters. In entire world, Indian Rice Contributes around 40% of Rice International Trade. India nowadays exports rice to more than 193 countries. I have been involved with this trade for 45 years, and I belong to Shri Lal Mahal Group. Our company’ exports basmati rice to almost 44 countries.

In one word, it can be simply said that IREF is the one-stop solution for everyone’s dignity. The conference was organised in a perfect way, and every guest was satisfied with the federation buildup.

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