Janamasthami- The day to celebrate cheerful living

Janmasthami as we refer is the celebration of Krishna’s birthday, it also marks the celebration of conscious living. We understand our body, mind and intellect but we don’t know our essential self. Krishna represents true nature, our real self, the pure consciousness. Krishna lives and acts consciously. He is revered as an avatar. An avatar is a supreme personification of a descendant. As we commonly say “Avatara iti avatara”. When a man is about to face an accident inadvertently,another man tries his best to save him. The former was about to face the accident unconsciously while the latter comes to the rescue consciously. Our is a conscious existence while that of Krishna is a conscious existence. He is also known as Achyuta, meaning one who has never fallen.

Krishna known for his cheerfulness had life full of trials and hardships, was forced to get separated from Radha due to Sridhama’s curse, yet he is never without a smile. We become serious even while playing a game, whereas he is always seen cheerful even on the battlefield of Kurukshetra in the Mahabharat. He leads a life in the spirit of a sportsman. He is rooted in the dharma. During the Mahabharat war, he fought on the side of the Pandavas with no agreement or any formal contract unexpecting anything in return. Furthermore, he simply gave his love and served everyone who came in contact with him. He inspires us to live life and keep moving on from moment to moment. Attachment destroys the joy in life, life without attachment is a celebration. In Mahabharat, Pandavas fought to get back what they lost and the kauravas fought to retain what they wrongfully usurped, but Krishna fought just for dharma. He is also synonymous with non-attachment. Born in Mathura, raised in Vrindavan he lived the latter part of his life in Dwarka. He was Krishn Janmasthami is celebrated everywhere to imbibe such a living. His life is in fact is called a lil,game,sport. Like an ideal sportsman, he lived hislife unpurturbed by success and failure, enjoying every moment of it. We can draw information from his life like a sport.

When Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas is being disrobed in the parliament by Kauravas sheseeked for Krishna’s help,she knows that he is the personification of pure love and kindness with no lust whatsoever. Love personifies even an object lust objectifies a being. People love their house and give it a name, whereas when someone’s love is out of lust even with their spouse, they are reduced to the level of a product.

Krishna’s path is to live life conscious, cheerful,righteous,detached,unconditioned,giving and loving. Thus the teaching of Krishna is eternal.


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