India-Bangladesh Maitri Festival Celebrates Cultural Ties Between Them in Kalyani

The India-Bangladesh Maitri Festival is currently underway in Kalyani, Mahakuma area, Nadia district. This cultural extravaganza, organized by the World Friendship Culture Council, has been fostering stronger cultural ties between the two neighboring nations for the past two decades.

Ashis Sarkar, the council's general editor, expressed the festival's purpose: "Our goal is to preserve the Bengali language and bring it closer to the hearts of many. This year, we've placed a special emphasis on our 'Save the Rivers' initiative, symbolised by the confluence of five major rivers: Padma in Dhaka, Rupsha in Khulna, and the Ganges, Churni, and Jolongi in Bangladesh."


Dilruba Khanam, a presenter from Bangladesh, highlighted the significance of the Bengali language on a global scale, saying, "Bengali is a language that represents an entire nation. When a festival celebrating Bengali culture is held in a vast country like India, it fills us with pride."

Social activist Syed Khairul Alam, who travelled from Nadia, emphasised the deep cultural and literary connections shared by both Banglas, stating, "The two Bengals share a rich blend of literature, arts, and culture. We are bound in brotherhood."

This India-Bangladesh Friendship Festival has been a five-day celebration of dance, music, and recitation by artists from both sides. The festivities extend beyond Kalyani, with plans to host similar events in 12 districts of West Bengal. Krishna Nagar, Shantiniketan, and Dhaka have already witnessed the spirit of this cultural exchange.

The India-Bangladesh Maitri Festival continues to strengthen the cultural ties between the two Bengali-speaking nations, and its essence shines brightly along the banks of the rivers that connect these two lands.

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