How Was Jaya Ahsan's Journey with the 'Kadak Singh' Team?

Jaya Ahsan, the acclaimed actress from Kolkata, has left an indelible mark in Bengali cinema, showcasing her exceptional acting skills in numerous films. Now, she ventures into the realm of Bollywood with 'Kadak Singh,' set to release on the Zee5 platform on December 8. In a recent interview, she shared insights into her experience on the set.

Recounting how the offer for 'Kadak Singh' came about, Jaya expressed her eagerness to challenge herself, and it was director Aniruddha Roychowdhury who initially contacted her. The engaging script, filled with twists and brilliance, immediately captured her interest, making her anticipate the audience's reaction.


For Jaya, the film presented a dual challenge—embracing a new language and stepping out of her comfort zone. The narrative, language, and cinematography in 'Kadak Singh' intrigued her, marking a departure from her previous projects. She emphasized the importance of breaking barriers in her comfort zone and exploring new dimensions in her craft.

Speaking about the unique aspects of the film, Jaya revealed that there was no dubbing involved, and all dialogues were recorded on set. This presented a significant challenge, adding to the overall complexity of her role.

Jaya's decision to take on 'Kadak Singh' was driven by her desire to confront challenges and push her boundaries. In addition to her Bollywood debut, she recently ventured into Iranian cinema, further expanding her artistic horizons.

Before entering the Hindi film industry, Jaya emphasized the importance of not only mastering acting but also understanding the language. She expressed gratitude for the support she received from director Aniruddha Raychowdhury, who played a pivotal role in her smooth transition.


Despite being a renowned figure in Bengali cinema, Jaya admitted to eagerly awaiting her big break in Bollywood. 'Kadak Singh' provided her with an opportunity to make a mark on the larger stage, and she embraced the challenge wholeheartedly.

Beyond the camera, Jaya shared some light-hearted anecdotes from the set, including the cast's communal approach to meals. Pankaj Tripathi, her co-star, surprised everyone by crafting momos during breaks, creating a warm and collaborative atmosphere.

Jaya's journey from Tollywood to Bollywood signifies a shift in the industry's perspective, challenging stereotypes about age and glamour. She remains rooted in her Bangladeshi identity, and despite the allure of Bollywood, she holds her home country close to her heart.

As 'Kadak Singh' approaches its release date, Jaya Ahsan stands poised for a new chapter in her career, ready to captivate audiences with her exceptional talent and versatility. The Bollywood stage awaits her, promising a unique blend of challenge and success.

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