Tollywood Stars Sourav Das And Darshana Banik Are Set To Tie The Knot This Year!

In the midst of the festive wedding season, Tollywood witnesses another star-studded union as actors Sourav Das and Darshana Banik gear up for their wedding on December 15th. The couple, who had previously defined their relationship as 'good friends' in public, are now taking their bond to the next level.

The wedding festivities are scheduled to take place in a lavish ceremony at a luxurious hotel in south Kolkata. The charming duo, who captivated audiences with their on-screen chemistry, has been tight-lipped about their off-screen romance until recently. Sources reveal that their friendship blossomed into something deeper during the filming of 'Golemale Gol', gradually evolving into a profound connection.


Amid the glitz and glamour of Tollywood, the couple's love story took a significant step forward. The news of their impending nuptials has sent ripples of excitement among fans, and the duo is expected to exchange vows in the presence of close friends, family, and industry colleagues.

The lovebirds had initially described their relationship as 'casual' during the time of 'Alpo Holeo Shotti.' However, as time passed, their friendship evolved, and common friends played a pivotal role in bringing them closer. The couple's journey from 'just friends' to life partners is a testament to the depth of their bond.

As the entertainment industry eagerly anticipates this star-studded wedding, fans can't help but rejoice in the genuine love and camaraderie that Sourav and Darshana share. The wedding bells are set to ring, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

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