Historic Bengali Film 'Baghajatin's Trailer Released In Alipur Jail

In a picturesque village in Alipur district, West Bengal, a tiredness-filled countenance could be seen on the faces of the locals. Dishevelled hair, days of weariness, and sleepless nights were the common signs of fatigue. However, on Monday, a wave of excitement quietly swept through Alipur as the curtains rose on the epic masterpiece, 'Baghajatin,' a cinematic ode to the legendary Bengali freedom fighter, Jatindranath Mukherjee.


'Baghajatin' is now the focal point of celebration during the Durga Puja festivities, captivating the hearts of all with its portrayal of patriotism. Alipur district's conservation centre proudly unveiled the film's trailer, taking the viewers on an emotional journey through Mukherjee's life.

The first destination for film enthusiasts is the very house where Baghoyotin was once imprisoned. It exudes an indescribable tranquilly, and the actor's presence resonates in every room.

Following the release of the trailer, teasers, and songs, the devotees of the iconic actor Dev are eagerly awaiting the grand premiere. Their anticipation knows no bounds, with excitement building steadily towards the release day.

The film's trailer showcases Dev as a freedom fighter, instilling a sense of pride in every Bengali heart. In one memorable scene, a young boy implores his father, "Tell me the story of Baghajatin; I want to become a brave hero too." His father, played by Dev, solemnly responds, "Taking a life is a grave sin." To which the boy questions, "Then why did you kill?" Dev's character conveys, "I made a mistake."

Furthermore, the film portrays the undying courage of Khudiram Bose, played by Samiul Alam, who fearlessly protected the nation from the clutches of the British. Jatindranath's unwavering commitment to opposing the British is vividly depicted, showcasing his immense bravery.

Alongside Dev, Samiul Alam's powerful performance as Khudiram Bose has captured the audience's attention. The film's songs and visuals are suffused with a deep sense of patriotism, especially during the intense battle scenes with the tiger.

Dev's fans ardently believe that 'Baghajatin' will capture the essence of Bengal's revolutionary spirit, much like 'Gadar 2,' and leave the entire nation enthralled. This cinematic masterpiece is set to reignite the flames of patriotism in the hearts of Bengalis and evoke a sense of pride in their history.

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