Financial planning book written in Bengal becomes Amazon’s best seller!

Financial planning can become a bit boring when being dealt with for a longer period of time, right? But, what if a cinematic touch is given to it to make it interesting!? Thinking how that is even possible!? Well, Sourabh Jain from Bengal has made it possible. Jain, Director of Suskan Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has published a book ‘Financial Wellness Cinematics’, which is a complete guide to one’s personal finance & investment planning. ‘Financial Wellness Cinematics’ happens to be one of its kinds and has been Amazon’s best seller since its launch. The book is written in a cinematic concept where personal financial concepts have been simplified as it is linked with movie lessons, dialogues & scenes. It encompasses 21 stories of investors to whom 21 financial concepts have touched upon and transformed their financial freedom journey in a cinematic way. It covers entire financial planning journey right from how to plan emergency fund, towards planning insurance needs, wealth creation, retirement planning and distribution of wealth in a cinematic way. It is said, “failing to plan is like planning to fail” and for reaching a particular goal, planning is must. This book will guide the readers step by step towards framing and attainment of their financial goals. The uniqueness of this book as compared to other books of its genre is its cinematic preview and stories of investors whose life has been transformed. The code of financial concepts with cinematics is carried out in a very subtle way in the book which seems very appealing, just like its back page which reads;  

“ Ever envied Tiger Shroff for his fitness? Why not be financially fit the Tiger way!! This book takes you on a mesmerizing journey of the financial world, letting you navigate through the concepts of Compounding (the Rajnikant way in Robot) and helping you create a financial clone like (Amir in Dhoom3). The book will further help you develop financial Josh (URI- How’s the Josh), set up a monetary Lakshya by managing risk (Rocket Singh way) and improving behavior (from PK) to make you the Bahubali of the financial Bazaar.

So, if your heart ever Wanted more (money), pick up this book and unravel the financial secrets.

Read it today. Who knows, Kal Ho Na Ho.’’

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