Jiyo Bangla interacts with industrialist Saket Mohta of Merlin Group

Jiyo Bangla recently interacted with Mr. Saket Mohta, the Managing Director of Merlin Group which has deep roots in the real-estate sector of this country and has been one of the key players in this sector for the last three decades. Mr. Mohta is the third generation running the Merlin Group and shares his insights with our correspondent Advaita Seth.

Merlin Group has decades of experience when it comes to the real estate sector and it employs a cutting edge approach to real estate investment that delivers results. Mr. Saket Mohta talked about how Merlin Group emerged as one of the most trustworthy builders in India and what made Merlin Group one of the key players in the real-estate sector. He also gave an insight into Merlin Group’s on-going projects in Bengal and especially in the city of Kolkata. Mr. Mohta commented that Merlin Group is figuring out scopes for increased employment to the youth of this state.

Catch Mr. Saket Mohta share the insights of Merlin Group’s growth that started from Bengal while interacting with our correspondent Advaita Seth!



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