DIY Planter from Recycled Containers

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen? Get rid of all the old items and decorate with new and improved things. Most of the containers used in the kitchen are made of plastic hence, don’t throw those containers out, recycle them and make good use of it. This way you will not harm nature and if done properly they can be used to decorate your house also. The containers can be used as planters. Smaller containers can be used to grow herbs, that way fresh herbs will always be available in your kitchen and this will add in the beautification of the kitchen. The containers can be hanged from the ceiling as hanging pots. It results in two ways first this will save your money, you won’t have to buy pots to plant your trees. Secondly, you are recycling the containers to plant trees which means reforestation and conservation of nature. Global warming has been rising with every passing day, the climate is shifting. Plants will also keep the house cool, you will not have the need for an air conditioner.  


Create drain holes under the container for keeping the soil from rinsing out while watering the plants. Line the containers with a few sheets of fabric. Add a layer of rocks and gravel  before putting the soil. This will help in better drainage. After you get rid of all the old containers it’s time to shop for new and better ones to buy new and better containers for renovating your kitchen and M-Baazar ( is your one-stop shop. 

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