Don't let the rain spoil your mood

It has been raining since morning so this weather serves as the perfect setup for a good sleep!

Poets and writers may romanticise this season but for us, it is moist, gloomy with a musty smell. In this situation, our home décor plays a very vital role. Bright colors can lift our mood and bring back the zest in our lives. Shake off laziness and take some time out to brighten up your space. Things you can do to liven up your home:

  • First up use brightly colored cushion covers for your cozy couch.


  • Vibrant curtains to lift your home’s and your spirit.


  • Both fresh and artificial flowers will bring in the much-needed nature in your home. In addition to the flowers bring in some indoor plants as well.


  • Scented candles to get rid of the musty smell caused due to rain.


  • Throw in an umbrella stand near the front door to collect wet umbrellas, its must-have for monsoons.


With these few things you can enjoy the monsoon with the same vigor you enjoy other seasons.

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