Actor Parambrata's Wife, Piya, Admitted After Sudden Pain Post-Wedding

Piya Chakraborty, the newlywed wife of renowned actor Parambrata Chatterjee, found herself rushed to a private hospital in Dhakuria on the day following their wedding. The couple, who tied the knot on Monday in a low-key ceremony, had been enjoying their initial days of marital bliss before an unexpected twist.

Late Monday night, Piya's social media update hinted at distress as she began experiencing intense pain in her abdomen and back. The cause of this sudden health setback traces back to a kidney stone issue that had previously plagued the actress just days before their wedding. Despite the discomfort, the couple chose to proceed with their marriage festivities.


However, the pain intensified post-wedding, leading to Piya's admission to a private hospital on Tuesday afternoon. The family promptly decided to opt for medical intervention, and Piya underwent a successful procedure for kidney stone removal. The medical team, providing assurance, stated that the procedure was successful but that a full recovery would take some time.

Seen to be worried about his wife's condition, Parambrata recently thanked the medical staff for their work. Although Piya is now in stable condition, doctors emphasise the importance of allowing sufficient time for her complete recovery. A follow-up examination is scheduled for Wednesday, during which the medical team will determine when Piya can be discharged from the hospital.

The unexpected turn of events has generated concern among fans and well-wishers, who eagerly await updates on Piya's health. Despite the initial hiccup, the newlyweds remain optimistic about overcoming this health challenge together.

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