Kanchan Mallick and Shreemoyee Chottoraj Celebrate Rasjatra Together, Tolly Stars Were Invited At Their Home

In a dazzling celebration of the festive spirit, Tollywood stars Kanchan Mallik and Shreemoyee Chattoraj ushered in the joyous occasion of Rasjatra at their residence this past Sunday.

The duo's home was transformed into a vibrant hub of festivity as they immersed themselves in the festivities of Radhakrishna's divine play. From dawn, the actors were engrossed in the puja preparations, with their abode resonating with the fervour of devotion.

The Thakurghar (prayer room) in their home housed the divine presence of Radhakrishna, adorned with flowers, garlands, and sandalwood. Puja rituals, including the offering of Pushpanjali, were conducted with utmost devotion.


Kanchan and Shreemoyee were not only devout in their puja rituals but also added a touch of joy to the celebrations. The house was alive with the essence of Puja, and the couple was spotted seated together, basking in the spiritual ambiance.

Adding a unique charm to the festivities, the couple invited many tollywood stars like Ankush Hazra, Oindrila Sen, Shubhrajit Datta, Sastrick Soham Chakraborty, Subhadra Mukherjee, Neil Mukherjee, and Member of Parliament Kalyan Banerjee.

On this day, Shreemoyee radiated in a yellow and pink saree, while Kanchan sported a white, red, and golden Punjabi-Pyjama set, creating a picturesque contrast.

The Puja celebration at their residence was not just limited to rituals; it also featured a soul-stirring session of ‘Harinam Kirtan’. Kanchan Mallik, alongside fellow celebrities, joyfully participated in the kirtan, creating an atmosphere of spiritual bliss.

The highlight of the celebration was a heartwarming dance performance by Kanchan and Shreemoyee to the tunes of Harinam. The video of their synchronised dance became an instant hit, garnering viral attention and sparking enthusiastic comments from fans.

In essence, Kanchan Mallik and Shreemoyee Chattoraj's Puja celebration was a splendid fusion of devotion and entertainment, creating memories that will linger in the hearts of their admirers.

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