Unveiling the Mysteries Surrounding The 'Boro Ma' Temple In Howrah's Salkia

While the grandeur of 'Boro Ma' extends beyond Naihati to Howrah's Salkia, Maa Shitala is the revered deity for the local inhabitants. Both locals and devotees from distant regions frequently visit this temple to seek blessings and fulfil their hearts' desires.

Intriguingly, this temple harbours a fascinating history unknown to many. It's a place where believers converge, sharing a common belief that any wish made at this temple is destined to come true.

The temple is steeped in the renowned tradition of the Snan Yatra, particularly associated with the divine presence of Maa Shitala. Locals hold the belief that not only ‘Boro Ma’ but also her seven sisters have established their divine presence in various capacities in Howrah's Salkia. During the Snan Yatra, all sisters, except the youngest one, participate in the ritualistic bath.

The exclusion of the youngest sister or ‘Choto Ma’ is linked to a captivating tale. Legend has it that she, being mischievous, joined the Snan Yatra once but unfortunately got lost in the sacred waters of the Ganges. A year later, she was miraculously found, but the details of her whereabouts during that time remain a mystery.

On the day of the Snan Yatra, the youngest sister is symbolically included in the ritual by securing her image with a sacred cord. This day holds immense significance, with locals believing that sincere prayers on this occasion are destined for success.

The temple welcomes devotees every day from 6:00 AM to 1:30 PM and reopens from 4:00 PM to 9:30 PM. Whether arriving by train or bus to Howrah station, travellers can then take a bus to Salkia and inquire further to reach the temple's doorstep.

If you haven't experienced the aura of this temple, plan a visit and witness the divine energy of Maa Shitala in Howrah's Salkia.

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