Kais Kalim's Journey to Stardom!

Kais Kalim, a rising star in the film industry, hails from the town of Howrah. His passion for acting started when he first stepped onto the school stage. Over the years, Kais Kalim's popularity grew, not just within the confines of the classroom and school, but throughout his hometown. He participated in numerous school plays and dramas, each time delivering captivating performances that left the audience in awe. His talent and dedication earned him recognition and praise and he was soon regarded as a promising talent in the local theatre scene. However, Kais Kalim had bigger dreams. He knew that he had to move to Mumbai, the land of opportunities, to make it big in the film industry. It was a long and challenging journey, but Kais Kalim persevered, worked on his skills and finally made his way to Mumbai - the city of dreams.

June 9th happens to be a special date in Kais Kalim's life and the secret behind it was recently revealed in an interview on Tolly Katha, an exclusive segment by Jiyo Bangla. It was on this day that he received his first-ever offer for a lead role in a major Bollywood movie. The news was a dream come true for Kais Kalim, who had worked tirelessly to get to where he was. Since then, he has never looked back, and his career has been on a steady rise.

Kais Kalim's journey from a small town in Howrah to the glitz and glamour of Mumbai is an inspiration to many. Kalim recently shared the story of his journey on Jiyo Bangla’s exclusive segment Tolly Kotha.

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