Adaptation of Macbeth in Rajarshi Dey’s ‘Mayaa’!

Macbeth, a five-act play by William Shakespeare is the shortest of Shakespeare’s tragedies yet one of the most remarkable one. So much so that it has been staged countless number of times around the world and each time people have been excited to see it. The plot of Macbeth revolves around Macbeth’s seizing of power and the subsequent destruction due to the forced seizing of the power from the king. Readers relate the storyline with the real world and try to make a lesson out of it. It is because of the fact that the plot is so real and deep that it has been staged so many times.

And this time it is being adapted in the Bengali movie industry by Director Rajarshi Dey who is making a film titled ‘Maya’ based on Macbeth. The film ‘Maya’ has actors like Rashid Mithila, Kamleswar Mukherjee and Tanushree Chakraborty among others. The crew recently interacted with Jiyo Bangla and answered various questions about the plot and concept of the film ‘Maya’ on Tolly Kotha, the exclusive segment of Jiyo Bangla.

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