How Can You Look Trendy With Indo Western Look? Tips Given By Designer Jit Basu

This year's trend in puja attire is Indo-Western fusion. Be it jeans, everything will get a different look with that touch. Model and designer Jit Basu gave tips on how to impress in Indo-Western style.

Durga Puja, the grand celebration of Bengali culture, is not just about traditional rituals and puja pandals. It's also a time when fashion takes a front seat, blending the charm of the East with the allure of the West. This year, the city is witnessing a fashion revolution, with both young men and women embracing the Indo-Western trend, combining comfort and style like never before.

Renowned fashion expert Jit Basu has shared his insights on the evolving fashion choices of Puja-goers. He emphasises that while fashion trends have shifted towards Indo-Western fusion, the key focus should always be on comfort. Puja days are long and lively, and dressing comfortably should be a priority.

One striking aspect of this evolving fashion trend is the fusion of materials and styles. The traditional saree, known for its draping, has been given a Western twist. Sarees are now being paired with leggings or jeans, creating a unique fusion style that's taking the city by storm. The art of draping a saree in a Western way is becoming increasingly popular.

Colour contrast is no longer a strict rule. Durga Puja is about celebrating the spirit of Bengal, and this is reflected in the freedom of style. The fusion fashion trend has allowed for experimentation with colours, patterns, and accessories, giving individuals the opportunity to showcase their unique styles without losing the essence of the festival.

The fusion of East and West during Durga Puja has become a symbol of Bengal's identity. It's a reminder that even in the realm of fashion, the essence of Durga Puja is never lost. Whether draped in a saree with a Western twist or dressed in a fusion of styles, the people of Kolkata continue to embrace the diversity and vibrancy that make Durga Puja a celebration like no other.

As the city gears up for the remaining days of Durga Puja, the fusion fashion trend is expected to gain even more momentum, and one thing is certain: when it comes to fashion, Kolkata knows how to celebrate its cultural heritage while keeping up with the ever-changing world of style.

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