Poet Subodh Sarkar shares his story on Jiyo Bangla!

Poet Subodh Sarkar’s first book of poems was published in the late 1970s. Currently he has 29 books to his name. He has done is PhD on the hyphenated identities of Indian American women writers. It is due to his influential writing that he visited Russia and Turkey as a member of the Indian Writers’ delegation organized by Sahitya Academy in 2010. Sarkar is the former Editor of Indian Literature, Sahitya Academy, New Delhi. He has received numerous awards including Shakti Chattopadhyay Binodan Vichitra Puroskar (1997), Bangla Akademi Anita-Sunil Basu Puroskar from Pashchimbanga Bangla Akademy (2000), Sahitya Akademi Award (2013) for Dwaipayan Hrader Dhare, BangaBhushan from the Government of West Bengal (2015), D.Lit from University of GourBanga (2015) and Gangadhar Meher National Award from Sambalpur University (2014) among others.

From love to boredom, anger to affection - his poetry has touched Bengalis time and again with every emotion. Recently poet Subodh Sarkar spoke to Jiyo Bangla on its show ‘Tolly Kotha’ and shared how his journey of poetry began.

Watch poet Subodh Sarkar speak about his journey on Jiyo Bangla’s ‘Tolly Kotha’!

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