‘Mon- The Secret Self’ highlights the importance of Emotional Care and proper Parenting

A child's mind, although seemingly simple, can be influenced by complex environmental factors. Instability, anxiety, insecurity, the fear of losing love can all encompass a child's mind. Therefore, it is important to be aware of a child's emotional state and show them care and attention. Family and loved ones, especially parents should be conscious of a child's mind. This subject is depicted in the short film ‘Mon- The Secret Self’ which addresses the importance of understanding a child's mind in a brief yet impactful manner.

The film ‘Mon- The Secret Self’ has been directed by Sujoy Chatterjee and features a seven-year-old girl playing the lead role, portrayed by child artist Darshini Chatterjee. The film has already been screened at several film festivals including the Indo-French International Film Festival, Kerala Short Film Festival, Chicago Film Festival, and VAIFF. Recently, a special screening of the short film was held at Nandan-3 cinema hall, where notable personalities from the film industry such as Arun Bandopadhyay, Padmanabha Dasgupta, Sudipta Chakraborty, Bidipta Chakraborty, and Anirban Chakraborty among others were present.

According to Sudeshna Ray, a prominent filmmaker and Chairperson of the State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, this picture highlights an important aspect of a child's mental state.

Parenting is crucial in shaping a child's future and this is recognized as important in other countries around the world. The picture conveys this important message in simple language. Although the subject of the picture may seem abstract, if one looks carefully and with a conscious eye, the message becomes clear.

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