Anjan Dutta’s 'Revolver Rahasya' a big hit!

Director and actor Anjan Dutta gifted us with yet another detective character Subrata Sharma and has written three story books on this detective character. Now the character Subrata Sharma is appearing on the big screen with the film 'Revolver Rahasya'.

Subrata Sharma’s character happens to be an ordinary crime reporter who loses his job and takes up temporary work as a secretary in a detective agency called Danny Detective INC. After his boss detective Danny Banerjee (played by Anjan Dutta himself) passes away, Subrata Sharma takes over his office. The news that Danny is now dead does not reach the public and thus cases keep coming for Subrata Sharma to solve. Danny’s spirit keeps coming back to Subrata and helps him. Meanwhile, one of Danny’s old clients Raja Banerjee employs Subrata to find his wife Tamali who has allegedly run away with her lover Javed Chowdhury and the story continues. To know what happens next, one has to watch the film 'Revolver Rahasya' which has released recently.

Actors Tanushree Dutta, Shoaib Kabir, Abhijit Guha, Kanchan Mallick, Sudeepa Basu and Tanika Basu have played important roles in the film. Produced by Shadow Films, the film is directed by Anjan Dutta himself.

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