Inspiring Story of Successful Entrepreneur B L Mittal from Kolkata

‘Inclusive ecosystem built on efficiency’ – that’s how Shri B L Mittal, the founder of SastaSundar describes ideal start-ups. 

Jiyo Bangla recently interacted with Shri B L Mittal, the entrepreneur who in spite of hailing from a middle class background started his ventures from Kolkata and established a successful brand SastaSundar. Shri Mittal has more than 20 years of experience in nurturing business and speaks about entrepreneurship scopes in India while interacting with our correspondent Advaita Seth. While conversing with our correspondent, Shri Mittal covered key points which talked about his motivation behind coming up with a start-up, his ideas of an ideal start-up and the initial hardships that he had to face during while establishing SastaSundar. Shri Mittal described how his successful start-up has spread its wings to different parts of the country and how many steps there are of being a successful entrepreneur.

Catch Shri Mittal share his mantras of being a successful entrepreneur while interacting with our correspondent Advaita Seth!  




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