Fashion Designer Amrita Dutta Gave Tips And Tricks On Perfectly Draping Cotton Sarees

Do you love wearing cotton or handloom sarees but find them uncomfortable? What is the easiest way to drape a cotton saree perfectly? Also, do you want to get noticed in your saree style?

Fashion designer Amrita Dutta unravels the art of draping a saree, offering tips and tricks to help you effortlessly master this traditional skill. Whether you're a saree enthusiast or a beginner, this guide will enhance your saree-draping experience, helping you look not only attractive but also effortlessly different.

Fashion designer Amrita Dutta emphasizes that one's satisfaction with an outfit depends not only on body shape but significantly on self-confidence. Wearing a cotton saree with numerous safety pins might seem secure, but it can hinder natural movement, leading to discomfort and clothing damage.

According to Dutta, the importance of shoulders cannot be overstated when choosing a blouse for any attire. Broad shoulders call for a specific blouse cut, while a slender frame requires another. The neckline plays a pivotal role, with round or square shapes favored for broader shoulders and halter necks accentuating slender shoulders. Sleeve length should complement arm and shoulder proportions for an elegant look.

Matching heels with a saree is a classic choice, but Dutta suggests that sneakers can be paired with cotton sarees for a modern twist. Footwear selection should align with the occasion and personal style.

In the realm of jewelry, Dutta advises adapting choices based on weather and time. Heavy jewelry enhances winter evenings, while lightweight options are ideal for summer night events.

Amrita Dutta's innovative touch is evident in her collection of 'Gamchha' sarees. Designed to stand out at Bengali festivities, she believes that no occasion is complete without a gamchha. Her unique designs also cater to daily wear, showcasing versatility beyond traditional events.

Dutta's creativity extends to her take on jewelry, considering weather and event timing. For chilly evenings, heavy pieces add elegance, while lightweight options complement summer night gatherings.

Amrita Dutta's fashion philosophy centers on the fusion of tradition and contemporary style, ensuring that every outfit resonates with the wearer's confidence and individuality.

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