How Can You Achieve Amazing Makeup Looks In Just 10 Minutes Only With Lipstick?

What if you could achieve amazing makeup looks in just 10 minutes? You only need lipstick! A lipstick palette completes the look. Wondering how it's possible? Professional makeup artist Joy Ghosh showed makeup magic with lipstick.

In a workshop, a brilliant makeup hack was discovered using lipstick for instant creative brilliance. Whether it's eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick, knowing the colour wheel is the real essence of makeup. By mastering it, any colour tone can be achieved by mixing and matching within the colour wheel.

According to him, using lipstick as a makeup hack, especially for blush, It blends seamlessly, adds a natural touch, and enhances the overall makeup. When used beyond the lips, applying lipstick to other facial areas yields a flawless result without any side effects.

For a perfect finish, it's essential to choose a high-quality brand. Lipstick not only adds colour but also serves as an excellent tool for colour correction. Creamy lipsticks work wonders for holistic makeup, while matte lipsticks may crack in the process.

Remember, the right technique ensures a smooth removal without any issues. Embrace the magic of lipstick and let your makeup game shine!

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