How to express your personality through dress up

There are very few people who do not love to make-up or dress-up. Dressing up not only makes us look beautiful, but also makes us feel good. Wedding or puja season, proper dressing up and make up is compulsory. But many of us do not know or understand what to wear, what kind of make-up suits on us. Director of George Institute of Image Management Adolina Ganguly has shared a lot of tips about this.   

Dressing has a deep connection with personality. According to Adolina, there are many who say that being confident is more important. Dressing doesn’t matter that much. But if you dress up properly then your confidence increases a lot. The way we carry ourselves, place a very important role in our personality. There is no doubt about it!

Everyone’s body structure is different. It is very important to choose clothes according to that structure. Many times we buy clothes from the shopping mall, but when we come home and wear them, we feel that we look bad. Because none of us buy clothes based on our body shape. So first of all we need to find out our own body type. For example, tall girls should wear straight jeans or boot jeans, while short height girls should wear high waist jeans. Not only that, skin tone also matters a lot when it comes to looking good while buying our clothes.

This is also important that, we all should dress up keeping in mind the reason for the occasion. Adolina said, “I’m absolutely confident what I need to pick up and then I become a better version of myself. Many people are seen in weddings, dressing more than the bride. We have to keep in mind what occasion we are going for. Because if the guests are dressed like the bride, it can never be visually appealing.

Adolina explained that it is very easy to identify which clothes suits on us more. According to her, social media is solving many of our problems these days. So it is possible to create a graph of our choice of clothes by looking at how people react to our pictures.

It is often seen that most of the girls, despite having a closet full of clothes. But still can’t find anything to wear. For this we need to segregate the clothes in the closet. We have to arrange separately our saree, kurti, jeans, trouser, t-shirt, top etc. Adolina suggested to making a scrap book. Where you can keep track of what clothes you have. So if there is an occasion somewhere, you can easily decide what to wear by looking at this scrap book list.    

More or less everyone has this question that how can we reuse our clothes. In that context, Adolina said, when we bought a dress, we should think about how to wear that dress in different ways. But even if a dress is worn more than once, it will look brand new and beautiful.

Many of us look at our favourite stars and try to dress like them. But it should be kept in mind that we can follow personalities, but we can’t copy. We all have our own style, we need to identify it and make it better.    

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