How Did Actress Ishani Ghosh Start Her career In The World Of Cinema?

Daughter of Krishnanagar, she once embraced the art of Western dance before venturing into the realms of modelling and photography. Soon, she'll grace the silver screen in Rashed Raha's 'Flashback'. Her cinematic journey began with a bang in the film 'Jio Jamai', marking her debut as a leading lady.

From Dakshini to Bhojpuri cinema, she has left her mark across various regional industries. Yet, her path to stardom was anything but smooth. How did she navigate the challenges of breaking into the film industry? And what makes acting alongside Kaushik Gangopadhyay such a cherished experience for her?

Actress Ishani Ghosh unravelled the untold chapters of her life during the 'Tolly Katha' Show.

JIYO BANGLA: How did your journey in the entertainment industry begin? 

ISHANI GHOSH: It's been quite a journey. I started with dance, then moved on to modelling, and eventually entered the world of cinema.

JIYO BANGLA: You've worked in various film industries, including Tollywood, South Indian, and Bhojpuri. Can you share how you got started and your experience in these industries? 

ISHANI GHOSH: I initially started with a Bengali project and then got an opportunity in the Malayalam industry. From there, I ventured into Tamil cinema as well. 

JIYO BANGLA: Overcoming language barriers must have been challenging. How has that experience been for you? 

ISHANI GHOSH: It's still a challenge, but I've learned along the way. Initially, there was some tension, but with guidance from directors and colleagues, I've managed to improve. Winning the 'Best Actress' award was a proud moment for me as a Bengali actress. 

JIYO BANGLA: You've also been involved in dance and modeling. How do you balance these aspects of your career now? 

ISHANI GHOSH: I no longer actively pursue dance and modeling. However, my recent Bhojpuri film required extensive dance preparation, reminiscent of my earlier days. I still wish to continue dancing alongside my acting career. 

JIYO BANGLA: Speaking of acting, you have a new project, "Flashback." Can you tell us about your character and experience working on this film? 

ISHANI GHOSH: "Flashback" has been an incredible experience. Collaborating with Kaushik was a highlight, and performing a special song was thrilling. Initially nervous, I received immense support from him, making our friendship grow stronger. The entire team at "Flashback" was fantastic. 

JIYO BANGLA: Reflecting on your career so far, what's a memorable experience that stands out for you? 

ISHANI GHOSH: There are a few, both good and bad, but the positive ones outweigh the negatives. 

JIYO BANGLA: Lastly, what can we expect from you in the future? Are there any upcoming projects you'd like to share with our audience? 

ISHANI GHOSH: In 2024, I have several Bengali films lined up, including "Sajghor," where I star alongside Prosenjit Chatterjee. Additionally, "Flashback" is set for release soon. There's another project in the works, but I'll keep that under wraps for now.

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