How Can You Get Rid Of Cakey Make-Up Looks In Winter?

What is the difference between summer and winter makeup tools? How can you prepare your skin before applying makeup in the winter? Professional makeup artist Susmita Mitra gave tips on how to do perfect makeup even on dry skin.

As we transition from scorching summers to chilly winters, adapting our makeup routine becomes essential. Renowned beauty expert Susmita Mitra shares insights on the nuances between winter and summer makeup, emphasising the importance of catering to your skin's specific needs during each season.

In winter, the skin tends to become excessively dry, making moisturiser a crucial pre-makeup step. Mitra suggests applying moisturiser and toner moments before makeup application to combat dryness effectively. For an added glow during the winter, she recommends incorporating facial oil with foundation.

For those preferring natural products, Mitra advocates for homemade skincare solutions. A mixture of 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel, a hint of narikel (coconut) oil, and vitamin E capsules can work wonders for maintaining healthy skin.

To combat the dry or cakey appearance of makeup in winter, Mitra advises keeping the skin hydrated with a generous application of moisturiser and primer before foundation. For those with dry skin, opting for loose powder over compact powder can result in a more favourable finish.

For a flawless makeup look and to prevent dry or cakey appearances, Mitra stresses the importance of using moisturiser and a silicon-based primer before applying foundation. Additionally, incorporating a silico-base primer can be beneficial during the winter, as cream-based primers may not perform optimally.

As the seasons shift to winter climates, Mitra recommends opting for a heavy makeup look, often referred to as "gorgeous makeup." Staying hydrated is crucial during the winter, and Mitra suggests using a pack made with besan (gramme flour) and a touch of honey to tackle tanning.

To address dark spots and achieve glowing skin, Mitra proposes a pack made from mixing orange peel with honey. This natural remedy, when applied to the face, can help reduce dark spots and impart a radiant complexion.

In winter, night cream becomes an essential skincare product to keep the skin hydrated. Alternatively, aloe vera gel can be used as a substitute for night cream.

Hair care is equally vital, especially during the winter when dryness can lead to hair fall. Adding a bit of castor oil to the scalp before shampooing helps combat this issue.

Mitra concludes by emphasising the significance of using moisturiser 5-7 minutes before makeup application to ensure its longevity during the winter.

By incorporating these seasonal skincare and makeup tips, you can navigate the ever-changing needs of your skin and embrace a radiant look throughout the year.

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