Dr. Riya Bose Gave Useful Home Remedies On How To Cure Constipation

December is celebrated worldwide as Constipation Awareness Month. Do you know why constipation occurs? Discover effective rules to alleviate this issue. Learn about foods that can help reduce constipation. If children experience this problem, what should their diet include? What are the useful home remedies for curing constipation?

Riya Bose, a dietitian, shared tips on how to cure constipation and how to get rid of it easily. She also provided other tips on stomach-related problems.

Constipation is a common issue, with multiple factors contributing to its occurrence. While there isn't a singular cause, nutrition plays a significant role, with insufficient water intake and a lack of fibre-rich foods being the primary culprits. Excessive consumption of tea, coffee, stress, and a diet rich in oily and spicy foods can also contribute.

Lifestyle and dietary habits play a crucial role. Crash diets for quick weight loss can exacerbate the problem, emphasising the need for personalised diet plans under expert guidance.

Renowned nutritionist Riya Bose recommends prioritising water consumption and incorporating green leafy vegetables into one's diet. Including ripe papayas and bananas can be particularly beneficial.

For those dealing with constipation, herbal remedies like green tea and cinnamon can be helpful. Many individuals managing their weight opt for these items regularly. To alleviate symptoms, it's essential to reduce the intake of refined flour, excess oil, junk food, and processed items. Moderating tea and coffee consumption while managing stress is crucial.

Home remedies for constipation include black raisins and chia seeds, known for their effectiveness. Children often face this issue, and substituting regular rice with boiled rice can be beneficial.

A mixture of ajwain (carom seeds) and mint leaves in water is recommended by Basu as an effective home remedy. Additionally, soaking two bay leaves in a cup of water overnight and consuming it the next morning can help alleviate constipation.

Incorporating cumin seeds and mint leaves into the diet, or even chewing on fennel seeds after meals, can contribute to better digestion.

Managing constipation involves a holistic approach, focusing on hydration, fibre-rich foods, and mindful dietary choices. Following these recommendations, along with incorporating herbal remedies and making simple lifestyle changes, can significantly improve gut health.

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