Actress Jui Dutta Nath Gave Tips On How To Achieve Glowing Skin

Let the glamour of your bright skin catch everyone's attention this Diwali! How to get glowing skin at home without going to a parlour, says actress Jui Dutta Nath.

As the festive season approaches, the quest for radiant skin during Kali Puja becomes a top priority. Jui Dutta Nath suggests stepping away from the hustle of puja preparations to focus on essential skincare. The elaborate makeup, late-night celebrations, and deviation from regular routines often leave the skin fatigued.

Jui emphasises the need to pay attention to skin care before Kali Puja. Small adjustments in your home routine can work wonders for your skin. Adequate sleep for 8 hours and the consumption of at least three litres of water per day lay the foundation for healthy skin. Including ample seasonal vegetables in your diet is crucial for skincare, making these basic practices essential.

Above all, maintaining mental well-being is paramount. A happy mind reflects on your face, and finding joy within is the key to a glowing complexion.

For a DIY face pack, mix milk cream, besan (gramme flour), and honey, leave it on for 15-20 minutes, then wash it off with cold water. With winter approaching, a blend of orange peel, aloe vera, and honey applied twice a week will help keep your skin hydrated.

As temperatures drop, a mixture of milk, flour, and honey applied for 15-20 minutes before washing with cold water helps combat dryness. Adding orange peel, aloe vera, and honey twice a week proves effective in maintaining a healthy glow.

Jui's skincare advice extends beyond homemade remedies. She recommends starting the day with ice-cold water on your face, followed by moisturizer and aloe vera. To tackle dark circles, a mixture of potato juice and sesame oil or aloe vera with honey, applied twice a week, works wonders.

Jui Dutta Nath encourages a consistent skincare routine, with noticeable improvements expected within a few weeks of regular practice. She advocates for the transformative power of self-care, both inside and out, ensuring you shine during the festivities.

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