‘FFF Professional Meet – The New You’ presents an event on Saturday.

‘FFF Professional Meet: THE NEW YOU’, an event presented by White Oak, Financial Freedom Fraternity, and Volatility Coaches on Saturday, May 20, 2023, at the Royal Bengal Room in Saltlake City, Kolkata

This event consists of many professional speakers coming from Kolkata, Mumbai, and London. The speakers were Kanak kr Jain, Aashish P. Sommaiyaa, who is the Managing Director of White Oak, Nikhil Nayak, Alpa Shah, and Baiju Solanki. The event started at 10 am and ended at 5 p.m.The event was held with many sessions.

The event started at 10 a.m. with a game named "Volatility Game 2.0’ by Kanak kr Jain, a volatility coach. This game was launched that day. Mr. Jain explained the game concept to the clients, including how to use it and how to invest.

The next session was ‘The New You." The session was held by Aashish P. Sommaiyaa, Nikhil Nayak, Baiju Solanki, and Alpa Shah at 12 p.m.At 2:30 pm, Nikhil Nayak presents a session on ‘The New You: Big Tickets’. At 3:15 pm, Baiju Solanki, a motivational speaker from London, had a session on ‘The Game Changer’. At 4:30 pm, Al Pa Shah had a session on ‘Women Investors and Women in Winning Teams.  

Mr. Jain shared the perspective behind the organisation of this ‘FFF Professional Meet." He told us that he is having an amazing and phenomenal day and that speakers came from Kolkata, Mumbai, and London. He tells everything about the event's happenings. He also said that everyone will learn something from this event.

Many clients were present, and they also enjoyed the event. Some of them shared their experiences. A man who has been working for 5–6 years as a volatility coach said that this has been an incredible journey for him. These games and data help them engage with their clients because they help them understand the concepts. In 2014, ‘Volatility Game 1’ was launched, which was then a new concept. He had many seminars on the volatility game, and now this Volatility 2 game gave him another edge and another way to talk to his clients. Another client from Asansol shared his experience by saying that he had a relationship of 20 years with Kanak Sir, that he had a nice and productive session, and that he considered Kanak Sir to be knowledgeable and the best and most famous mentor. In this session, he liked the ‘Volatility Game’, when to invest, what to have in an investment ratio, everything is explained. According to him, the session was very innovative and attractive. Another man thanked Kanak Ji for organising the event; he also shared by saying that every MFD should be a part of it because professionals are there to help. Kanak Ji had made a platform where every solution can be found for any problem. Baiju Solanki from London also shared his experiences; he says that Mr. Kanak gave a great presentation on the game and made everyone understand how to help their clients and invest their money. He also met some good people. Every speaker was thrilled and excited about the event, and the people who attended the event were satisfied.

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