What Should An Ideal Balanced Diet Look Like?

Thinking of reducing the food before the puja will be slim overnight? If you want to be thin by eating less, are you in danger? What kind of harm is done to the body by eating too little? What should an ideal balanced diet look like? Clinical nutritionist and diabetes educator Dr. Debapriya Sengupta said everything.

Dr. Debapriya Sengupta has explained that it is not entirely accurate to say that getting sick is solely related to how much or how little you eat. It is essential to eat in the right quantity and understand that illness can occur when you consume an imbalanced amount of food. Eating less does not necessarily lead to illness; in fact, it can lead to other health problems. Even in cases of temporary illness, weight can increase afterward.

Consuming supplements or medication without eating regular meals can be a significant health risk. If the nutrients in your diet come from artificial products, it can lead to chemical-related issues in the body, such as gallstones, kidney stones, and increased cholesterol levels. Herbal products and protein shakes can also cause side effects.

If the primary goal is to lose weight, it is important to eat all types of food in moderation, neither too much nor too little. Maintaining a balanced diet is crucial. In the case of children, they require vitamins, minerals, and protein. Regular physical activity and play are enough for their exercise needs; there is no need for separate workouts. Children should be fed an appropriate amount.

Junk food should not be consumed regularly. For diabetic patients, timing is essential. They should eat at regular intervals to maintain stable glucose levels. Diabetic patients looking to lose weight should follow the same principles.

It is a misconception that eating rice causes weight gain. You should eat rice in moderation. There is a relationship between weight gain or loss and sleep. Weight gain can lead to lighter sleep, and the same applies when one is underweight. This is because when you are underweight, all the body parts may not function correctly, affecting sleep.

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