Do You Know The History Behind Ma Tripura Sundari Temple In Kolkata?

In the heart of South Kolkata's Garia lies a place with a rich history—the Tripura Sundari Temple. The temple, dedicated to Goddess Tripura Sundari, holds a unique significance in the city's cultural and religious landscape.

Situated near Garia, this ancient city of Tripura has witnessed numerous epochs. Devotees flock to this sacred abode of Tripura Sundari Ma to fulfil their spiritual aspirations. However, the journey to seek the goddess has taken a turn, bringing a piece of Tripura to the city of Kolkata.

Nestled in the Garia region of South Kolkata, the Tripura Sundari Ma Temple provides a serene environment. Despite its age, the temple boasts a rich history that echoes through the ages.

The ten forms of the primordial cosmic energy, known as 'Dashamahavidya,' include the revered Tripura Sundari. Just as her temple in Tripura remains vibrant, a similar aura envelops her Kolkata counterpart.

Visitors exploring the temple will encounter a peaceful ambiance. Steeped in history, the temple intertwines with the tales of the Pal and Sen dynasties. Adiganga, the ancient course of the Ganges, once flowed past the eastern boundary of the temple.

Jagadish Ghosh, a prosperous landowner, undertook the temple's restoration in the late seventeenth century. Unfortunately, tragedy struck as the temple faced gradual deterioration after his demise.

Hiralal Ghosh, the successor of Jagadish Ghosh, embarked on rebuilding the temple, contributing to the prosperity of Boral village. The present idol of Tripura Sundari was meticulously crafted, bringing a sense of divine completeness.

The current ambiance of the temple exudes tranquility.The idol, depicting Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Maheshwar, and Sadashiva atop a lotus, captivates visitors with its divine charm.

Located in Boral, the temple is accessible via the Kavi Nazrul Metro Station. From there, a short auto ride will take you to the divine sanctum. The temple welcomes visitors daily from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Don't delay your visit to the Tripura Sundari Temple; immerse yourself in the divine aura and history that surround this sacred place.

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