Jiyo Bangla visits sets of film ‘Bhorer Aloo’!

Rupsha and Ajay are the two main characters for Sayan Basu Chowdhury’s upcoming film ‘Bhorer Aloo’ where Rupsha was severely injured in an accident during her childhood which left her stuck to her wheelchair and it became her companion. But her friend Ajay was always there beside her, especially after the death of her parents. However, the twist comes when another character named Nirupama comes in the picture between Rupsha and Ajay. Nirupama happens to be Ajay’s student and learns guitar from her.

However, Ajay tells Rupsha about his feelings towards her but the twist remains. To know how these two end up, one has to watch the film ‘Bhorer Aloo’. The character of Rupsa is played by actress Payal Sarkar and Ajay will be played by actor Somraj Maiti. This is for the first time that Somraj will be seen opposite Payal Sarkar on the big screen.

Recently, Jiyo Bangla visited the shooting set of the film during the look test where actors Somraj Maiti, Payal Sarkar and the rest of the crew were present. Apart from Payal Sarkar and Somraj Maiti, actor Priyanka is also a part of the film. When asked about the film, actor Somraj Maiti said that the film depicts a love story set in the outskirts and love stories based in outskirts always have interesting contents and it would attract audiences. 

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