The Inspiring Journey of Rayati Bhattacharya from Medical Practitioner to Actress!

Actress Rayati Bhattacharya's journey from being an active practitioner of Homeopathy medicine to the profession of acting has been a fascinating one. Starting out in theatre, she gradually made her way into the world of cinema, where she earned acclaim for her role in ‘Sesh Pata’. In addition to acting, she is also a gifted singer with a soulful voice. However, Rayati faced a crucial decision at one point - whether to pursue a medical career or follow her passion for acting. Ultimately, she chose the latter, driven by her love for the art.

On Jiyo Bangla's exclusive talk show 'Tolly Kotha', Rayati Bhattacharya shares the inspiring story of her journey as an actress, from her early days in theatre to her success on the big screen. Don't miss the chance to hear from this talented artist and learn about the challenges she faced and the lessons she learned along the way. Tune in to 'Tolly Kotha' for an insightful conversation with Rayati Bhattacharya!

Catch actress Rayati Bhattacharya exclusively on Jiyo Bangla’s ‘Tolly Kotha’! 

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