Aryann Bhowmik’s candid conversation with Jiyo Bangla!

Aryann Bhowmik is one of the notable young actors of the Tollywood film industry. His career started with ‘Nil Rajar Desh’ and since then he has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows. His recent film “Kakababur Prottaborton” was released on February 04. Recently Bhowmik was captured by Jiyo Bangla having a candid interview with our correspondent Payal.

Q: After 3 adventurous encounters, how much expertise have you gained as a detective?

A: For that you’d have to watch the film “Kakababur Prottaborton”. Apart from that, just like I have grown older, the character of Santu has grown older as well. As a result of which Santu’s expertise have grown too. 

Q: How happy were you to shoot in Africa’s Maasai Mara jungle? 

A: I have known that we would be shooting at deserts, mountains and forests from the time we worked for “Mishar Rohosso”. We have had new experiences every day. I was really happy to hear that we’d be shooting at Africa. We had to shoot around hippopotamus, hyenas and other animals.       

Q: It was heard that post shooting you people were not allowed to go out. Is that true? 

A: We had to remain careful and we used to look out for animals before getting out. Only then did we go out. Once a rhinoceros came in front of our hotel! 

Q: Did you people get any injury during the shoot? 

A: No, luckily we were not hurt or injured during the shoot. 

Q: Mountain, desert and jungle. Which one did you love the most? 

A: Three places come with three different experiences. Shooting in Switzerland was the most challenging one though.

Q: You’ve worked with Bumba da for a long time now. What kind of a relation do you both share off camera? 

A: Bumba da is like a father figure. You can get help from him for everything. 

Q: Even in films like “Chander Pahar” African jungles were shown to the audience. So what different experiences can the audience look out for in this film? 

A: The cinematography in this film is brilliant because we didn’t use VFX for the majority of the parts. For most of the scene real life animals would be shown which I’m sure the audience would love. 

Q: You have worked in Bollywood. So, what next?

A: Yes, completed shooting for “Maidan” a few days back. Apart from that I’m working for an independent film. 

Q: You are working for Bollywood just like Bumbada and Srijit. So will the Tollywood industry fall behind? 

A: Indian cinema is not stuck to any one language currently. People like to watch films of all languages now. 

Q: Will you be working for the TV shows anytime soon? 

A: Discussions are in process, not sure though.

Q: What would you like to say to the audience about “Kakababur Prottaborton”? 

A: People have been really worried throughout the last year; this film would come to them as a relief. They’d feel good after watching “Kakababur Prottaborton”. So go to the nearest theatres and watch the film.

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