How Does Actor Arnab Goswami Balance Passion And Profession With A Stress-Free Life?

In the bustling world of entertainment on the 'Hangama' platform, Actor Arnab Goswami, known for his role in the murder mystery 'Kanamachi,' seamlessly juggles a full-time job with his true passion for acting. For him, passion is the key to professional success, alleviating the extra pressure work might bring. Arnab firmly believes in the mantra that a stress-free life leads to success on all fronts.

While self-care discussions were once predominantly centred around women, Arnab has shifted this perspective. Emphasising the importance of skincare, he stresses the necessity of consuming an adequate amount of water throughout the day. Starting his mornings with a refreshing splash of warm water, Arnab consumes about a litre, ensuring not just healthy skin but also internal cleanliness. He advocates for using moisturisers and incorporating a regular skincare routine into daily life.

Arnab recognises the crucial role of sleep in maintaining well-being, acknowledging that the amount of sleep needed varies from person to person. He suggests aligning eating habits with the body's natural clock and embracing a mindful approach, emphasising the interdependence of healthy eating, quality sleep, and overall relaxation.

Arnab highlighted the need to love oneself for optimal well-being. He recommends spending at least half an hour daily with oneself, a practice that, if adopted consistently throughout the year, promises a healthier and happier life. Arnab's philosophy is clear: when the body and mind are in harmony, maintaining good health becomes second nature.

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