Your Undying, unconditional love for Lipstick Tree

Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together."

One thing that definitely acts as a mood enhancer for any woman is her trust-worthy LIPSTICK! They are women’s weakness and will always be. A pristine matte texture or creamy matte red lipstick- woman get indecisive which one to buy.

Now, you simply can pluck fruit and rub it on your lips and scarp out the hassle. By now, many have already rushed to the Agricultural Department of West Bengal in search of ‘Achiote’ (Bixa Orellana famously known as “The Lipstick Tree”. The unique initiative to plant this tree at the Agricultural Department at Fulia, to produce good quality Lipstick. This flower and its extracts are also used as an Industrial food colouring to add yellow or orange colour to many products such as Cakes, Sausages, jelly, jam, Popcorn and it offers a certain aroma. Based on its appearance, this fruit has a strong resemblance with Strawberry. The interesting part is this flower start blooming in the middle of the year and fruits from December.


If things go according to plan then, this plant can be used to produced organic products like Vermillion, organic food colour or act as a food dye in any decorative items. Approximately 50 seeds grow inside of the pod. Well, if you’re obsessed with your lips, then stop whamming and try to go for ‘Natures Product’. So, smile, those curves look good on you, ladies! No matter how low or down-in-the-dumps you’re feeling, your lipstick is always the go-to-pick-me-up that instantly makes your day so much better.

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