Yes, we do Exist!

Love is Love, we don’t judge…!!!

Let’s agree on the fact that people tend to fall in love in mysterious ways! Whenever a person is in love, they don’t see caste, religion, gender, and other such uncanny though.

You can’t blame the cupid for aiming at your perfect match!

The world will raise innumerable questions when it comes to love. Many people are forced by society to hide behind closed doors. But things are changing for good. As change is the only constant thing in this universe, people have become more accepting of the LGBT concept. Which has made many people come out of the closet and embrace who they are!

Much similar to that Kolkata’s Cafe #377 is here to break the stereotypes of the society.

We will welcome your transformation with open arms. A wonderful example to acknowledge the subtle change where rainbow lovers can walk in without being judged or ogled at! Cafe #377 will have style quotient, peppy music numbers, and extremely friendly and cheerful environment. High on groovy music, delicious food, and fantastic crowd, you wouldn't want to leave us anytime soon.

If you follow the policy of ‘No Reservation’, then we believe you need to party here at Cafe #377.

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