Will Vikram and Pragyan return to earth?

Facing the previous failure, India has worked relentlessly and achieved success in being the first country in the world to make a successful soft landing on the south pole of the moon on Wednesday, August 23, 2023. According to the Indian time of 6.04 m, the lander Bikram landed on the moon, and after a few minutes, the rover Pragyan came out of the lander. Bikram and Pragyan together weigh 1752 kg, whereas the rover Pragyan weighs only 26 kg.


With everything under control, the rover Pragyan has started its job. It will research for the next 14 days, which are known as Lunar Days as well. But what will happen afterwards? Will it return to Earth? Or will it continue to find some more interesting and unknown facts about the unexposed parts of the moon? ISRO has revealed that their plan is to work as long as possible on lunar land. But after one lunar day, which is exactly equal to 14 days on Earth, it is difficult for the rover to continue its searches.

So, it will only be able to work until sunlight is available, and after that, it will be kept in rest as there is tremendous cold on the moon (-180°). And when the sunlight is available again after 14 nights, the rover will be reactivated. According to the chief of ISRO, Somnath, each and every assessment will be done one by one by the end of one lunar day. As the supply of power only remains until the sunlight is out on the moon. But after that, it is nearly impossible for the rover to perform due to the shivering cold. But if any methods can be invented to keep the rover activated, then that would be great. Otherwise, the process of activation and deactivation will be continued. He has also informed us that if the rover Pragyan survives the cold on the moon, it will continue its chemical research there.

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