Why should you consume rice during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and giving birth is one of the greatest boons of life and women are blessed with this gift. Nurturing a life within us is a miracle, it grows within us from a cell to a baby. The time of pregnancy is very crucial, extra care has to be taken during this time. Negligence towards health can harm both the mother and the child. Food is a very aspect of our life and rice is a major part of our diet. There are many who are skeptical of whether to eat rice or not during pregnancy? This article is for them, there are several health benefits and side-effects of rice. 

  1. The high amount of carbohydrates in rice provides instant energy. Rice helps in keeping the body active and energetic.
  2. Rice is rich in vitamin D, thiamine, riboflavin, and minerals like calcium, fiber, and iron, which guarantees strong bones and teeth. 
  3. During pregnancy constipation and hemorrhage is common in some women. The starch in rice promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria for smooth bowel movements during pregnancy. 
  4. The low sodium content of rice regulates the blood pressure levels during pregnancy. But it should be consumed in an appropriate amount. 
  5. Rice reduces the risk of urogenital infections in pregnant women, as rice is a natural diuretic. 
  6. Gestational diabetes is very common, as a result of that many are afraid of having rice. But brown rice has low glycaemic content, hence keeps the blood sugar in check. 

Although anything should be consumed in limit whether its rice or anything else. So, consult your doctor about the portion of consuming rice. Also, make sure that rice is of good quality and nothing beats Pragati rice in terms of quality. They offer an array of different rice for a better idea; check out their website here at http://www.pragatiedible.com/.

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