Why ‘Music’ is a must for Cafes

The youth today love hanging out at cafés almost every week. Besides food, the most important reason is “music”. The music that plays in a café can have as much of an influential affect the customers as the decor or the service of the staff. Creating the right ambience for a café is absolutely essential – music is a crucial part of visiting a café.


Earlier restricted to serving only coffee and snacks, cafés have now expanded to mock tails, appetizers, hookah and not only food, but modern cafés also have games, karaoke, live music, stand-up comedy as well as groovy playlist for each day. Music is what makes café a hub of social interaction among youngsters. Aesthetic interiors, cozy ambience, great lighting, mouth-watering food and soulful music have proved cafés to be a hit among the youth. 


The most popular cafés in the city are themed-cafés. Be it Bollywood or an American-sitcom inspired café, themes have always proved to be a win-win. Located at Lord Sinha Road, Cafe #377 is the first ever pink-themed café in the city. The color ‘Pink’ denotes universal love for all and hence, the theme of the café is love, acceptance and equality. When it comes to music, this place organizes soulful live music sessions every evening for its customers. Youngsters happen to enjoy love songs quite a lot these days.


If you happen to be a hopeless romantic or if you want to spend an evening with your ‘special’, then Cafe #377 and its heart-warming music session is for you. For an unforgettable musical experience, make sure to visit Cafe #377.


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